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We design and construct houses that people feel proud to call their home. Founded on integrity and proven excellence in residential construction, we work with our customers by providing proper planning, communication, and attention to detail in every aspect of the process.

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JUNE 2016

"I first met Tim, when my mother and I decided to build her a home, in Texas. I know my mother; she is fastidious and demanding. The choice of builder was crucial. After interviewing a few candidates I met Tim. He was a tall and exceedingly polite gentleman. A strong Christian and family man, I could feel the depth of his sincerity and integrity. He wanted to do the very best job he could, and he wanted to be sure to hold the line on the budget. Within these constraints, he proceeded to pull together his team and design and build the home. Tim was everywhere, all the time. No detail was too unimportant to pay close attention to. He was flexible, focused, considerate and creative. Tim poured his heart into the building of that home. He spent months, and a great deal of his own personal time on doing the job perfectly right. And when the home was finished, it glistened like a fine jewel. You could see that love had built this home. It radiated a sense of honest work that mirrored the character of the builder. And it was perfect for my mother. Thank you Tim, for your excellent work, my mother’s beautiful home, and for your caring for my family."


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