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Do you build in my area?

We are open to projects outside the greater San Antonio area if they are budget savvy for you and us. Contact our team to discuss where you would like to start building your dream home!

What services do you provide?

As a design build firm, we handle every aspect of your custom home, from the initial blueprints to the final walk-through. We specialize in designing and building custom homes, which is considered “new construction;” we also handle large-scale remodel and renovation projects. We welcome you to consult with us about your construction plans!

How do we start the process of building a custom home?

Now that you have made the decision to build your home, there are several questions you need to answer: Do we have a place to build? Do we have plans for the home we want? Do we have a realtor? If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions yet, that’s okay! Start a conversation with us so we can help guide you in the right direction!

Why is picking a lot first, important?

Many times people go through the long task of drawing their home first or even buying plans on the internet and then face the daunting task of finding a lot that it will fit on or a community that the Architectural Control Committee through the Home Owners Association will approve plans. In most cases it is better and we highly recommend finding your lot, securing it, then starting the plans so that the home works and your budget can be met.

Will Bennett Design Build help us find a lot?

We often recommend our realtor team to help you if you do not have one. If you do have one, no problem. If you have narrowed down lots we don't mind meeting on site to give you ideas and suggestions as to how a lot may or may not affect the layout of your home and your budget.

Why does Bennett Design Build recommend a plan to begin the budget process?

The first question we receive when anyone calls is "how much does it cost to build price per square foot"? Unfortunately this is often very deceiving when we live in a large area surrounded by track/production home builders that lure you in with their billboards and a very different price per square foot. Custom homes work much differently because of just that, they are truly custom. Also, the cost of a lot can have a dramatic affect on the final price per square foot. These key factors play a major role in your cost:

  • Size of lot

  • Amount of clearing on lot

  • Topography of the lot - if a slab has substantial height due to the slope then costs are significantly more in this one area. An example is that we've done homes that are almost identical in living and total slab square footage (includes garage, porches, and patios), and the foundation costs between the two were over double because of the topography

  • Length of driveway to the home and type of materials

  • Utilities - while some areas have public utilities in place, such as transformers & pedestals for power, or even public water, some do not. Establishing impact fees for water and electric and the lengths these must be run contribute to the cost. If there is no public water or sewer, then wells and septic systems contribute to this cost substantially.

  • Architectural Control Committee requirements - The "ACC" or the designated board that oversees construction approvals through the Home Owners' Association may have specific construction fees, guidelines on set-backs affecting factors listed above, exterior finishes, minimum square footages, or even landscaping requirements that all affect price

Once these initial factors can be looked at then we go through every detail. By establishing a final plan before going into the budgeting and contracting phase we take pride in openly communicating up front the costs that contribute to your budget as these factors can greatly affect your budget, time frame, and over-all price per square foot. Once we have a plan and can go through the initial factors above we have several meetings where we sit down and go through all the details of your home from start to finish. Details ranging from foundation types, to framing materials and options, to the finishes in the home down to the last door knob, all range in quality and price.

Often other builders will throw out a price per square foot and then not give you a true understanding of what that includes and their contract is filled with "allowances" that may not truly meet your expectations. While we may have areas that we fill your budget with an allowance, our designers help us establish a proper allowance based on the size and budget of the home that keep you from exceeding that budget. We will also show you examples of what this could be to make sure it fits your

expectations and needs before we place it into the budget of the home for the contract.

At the end of this though, we feel confident in our contract price and never stray from that or come back to you for more unless you have chosen to go a completely different direction aside from what we chose in the beginning.



Although this appears to be the final step in the building process, it is the most rigorous…and the most satisfying. You will see your dream home becoming a reality! There can be several stages associated with this "final" step.

Bennett Design Build considers this step as two stages of progress: preparatory and final work. We will discuss the aspects of each stage more in depth in our initial meetings with you.


Preparatory work - These are often flexible stages although they usually occur in this order:

  • Pre-construction and site work

  • Pre-foundation pouring, framing and mechanicals (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC)

  • Insulation/pre-drywall, and preliminary walk-through


Final work - By this stage of the building process, we will be reviewing detail work, often in this order:

  • Various design appointments for final selections

  • Masonry and exterior colors review

  • Exterior site work: landscaping and driveway details


Final buyer walk-through

Start by finding where you wish to build your dream home. Your lot or land is the first important step so that your home can be designed to fit within the surrounding trees and topography. All of these factors can also contribute significantly to your budget. We can recommend a realtor who would be happy to begin the journey with you. Then you should begin contemplating which house plans best suit your ideas. Do you already have blueprints for the home you want? Great! Now is the time to get a home builder who can meet you on-site to correlate topographical potential with design dreams. If you don't have plans, we have designers that will fit your style and budget to put your ideas to paper and draw your plan.

Bennett Design Build will help you from the beginning. We will take your custom-made dreams and help you build them from the ground up. We focus on relationship-building, not contract binding, which means you won’t be asked to lock into a contract until we have determined if we are a good fit and discussed the building process together.



You’ve got a dream. The home you have always imagined has been growing for some time now, mere ideas becoming more distinct until you can finally begin to see the reality of living your dream. Now, it’s time to choose a builder. Where do you start? How do you decide?


You need to feel comfortable with your builder. You are about to give your dreams a foundation, literally. Choose someone who you know will be there for you throughout the process, personally handling the ups and, (yes, the downs) along the way. How involved do you want your builder to be as your home goes from frame to finish? You won’t regret choosing a builder who is daily on-site, focused on seeing your dream become a reality.

Once you’ve chosen your builder, you will begin the building process, which involves several stages. While every build is unique, there are certain steps of the process that are common to every custom home build. We've outlined the four milestones below to help give you an idea of what the process looks like and what you can expect along the way.

To lead our clients through the process of dreaming and budgeting, designing and building their custom dream home. Through this process, Bennett Design Build will emphasize creating a project that is unique to each client.



Now that you feel comfortable with the land, blueprints, and builder you have chosen, you need a plan. Designing the land and the home to suit your wishes is the next step in the building process. This is when you get to share your design selections based on what you see in your dream home. Your builder will work to meet your budget guidelines while keeping your top choices in the forefront of each decision.


Bennett Design Build values honest, open communication. There will be plenty of dialogue during this part of the building process; don’t hesitate to share your questions and thoughts with us! We will coordinate a design meeting to discuss design options in further detail and then we will put together a contract price for you, which can take 3-4 weeks. During this time you may meet with our different designers to pick each aspect of your finish from countertops, fixtures, appliances, to flooring and tile selections. (Sometimes this process is done after you start as well.) Each client receives a binder which outlines the details of agreed-upon design decisions, a copy of the contract and design choices, as well as what to expect during the building process. Bennett Design Build partners with carefully selected contractors who are well-known for the level of quality they bring to the custom home industry. Many clients request interior design as an additional option in the building process. Interior design is not included in the quoted contract price but we are more than happy to make designer recommendations.


After the Dream portion of the building process, your builder will have a solid idea of where you feel comfortable as you plan financially for your dream home. Every builder is different when it comes to meeting client budgetary expectations, especially when it comes to quoting costs.


Bennett Design Build will discuss construction process details, and review construction site work that will be done so no costs are hidden. We make it a priority to be on-site to ensure construction is proceeding as planned, on-time and on-budget. We provide a fixed price upfront. Provided you are willing to maintain open communication with us, there will be no hidden costs to surprise you at the end of the building process.

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